County names new fire chief; Chief's office relocated to Jackson

Photo by Rebecca Long

Photo by Rebecca Long

County Administration announced the appointment of Michael Wilson to the position of Emergency Services Director for Butts County last week.

The position, which carries the rank of fire chief, is responsible for the management and supervision of all county fire and ambulance services, as well as coordination of services with the fire departments of Jackson, Flovilla and the Georgia Diagnostic Prison.

Wilson was chosen from a group of well-qualified applicants.

He is a 1983 graduate of Woodward Academy and went straight into the fire services at the age of 18. He worked with the City of East Point Fire Department from 1984 until 2008, rising in rank to company officer and supervisor. In 2008, Wilson relocated to Butts County Fire Department where has worked as a firefighter and paramedic until his appointment as chief.

Wilson and others were vetted by an interview board made up of local citizens, officials and a fire chief from a neighboring county. As a finalist, he conducted both a formal and an informal interview with County Administrator Alan White before the selection was made.

Wilson is a Butts County resident and began his new duties the day of his appointment. He will manage personnel responsible for operating three Fire/EMS stations and one EMS-only station.

"Chief Wilson has already hit the ground running," Deputy County Administrator Michael Brewer said. "He's met with shift captains and personnel, and is organizing the department to make sure it provides the most efficient and effective services."

Brewer said Wilson was also directly involved with assisting Captain Tommy Ingram in the Worthville Fire Department grant process, which is currently in Administrative Review phase with the federal government.

Brewer noted two key changes in location of personnel to make the department more accessible.

"We felt it was time for the chief's office to be relocated back to Jackson," Brewer said. "Moving the chief's office to Stark several years ago was necessary when the Jackson EMS station was being rebuilt, but it was time to have those functions located closer to the other county offices and make the chief more centrally available to the public, as well as to respond more quickly wherever he may be needed in the county."

The EMS billing office was moved into the County Administration building last week to make that office more easily accessible to persons needing to pay their EMS bill. Since the billing clerk is a contracted agent who works different hours that are based on EMS billing cycles, it made sense to have that office located in a building that is open every weekday.

Persons needing to pay their EMS bill can come to the Commissioner's Office and reception personnel can receive payments and provide a receipt to the client.

Chief Wilson can be reached at EMS headquarters located adjacent to Sylvan Grove Hospital or by phone at 770-775-8212. EMS Billing can be reached at the Administration Building or by phone at 770-775-8201.