JHS Greenhouse yields skills --- and beautiful plants!

Photo by Rebecca Long

Photo by Rebecca Long

By Diane Glidewell


It is finally spring, and gardeners everywhere are experiencing the annual pull to the outdoors, feeling the urge to sow seeds and nurture all kinds of young, green, growing things. One prime source for healthy plants that many Butts Countians may overlook is the Jackson High School Greenhouse.

The Greenhouse held a plant sale on Friday, April 2 with a list of 23 items for sale. Before noon, there was a "No Tomatoes" sign in the front, and many other previously abundant choices were looking sparse, but there were also many customers pleased with the hanging baskets, bedding plants, and other items they had selected.

The JHS Greenhouse is supervised by Willie Colvin and Daniel Vaughn; they conduct dual enrollment classes for Griffin Technical School and JHS. Students receive credit for their classes at both institutions. About 30 students associated with three Garden Center Technician classes planted, transplanted, and cared for the plants offered for sale.

"The best thing about the classes is that students learn a skill which actually goes into a job," said Vaughn.

He has been a Griffin Tech instructor for nine years and has taught at JHS for the last two years. He is also the Automotive instructor at JHS. He earned a Ph.D. in Christian Education Administration last year. Mr. Colvin has been an important part of the JHS faculty for over 30 years and has taught dual credit programs for Griffin Tech for many years, also.

JHS Garden Center Technician students participated in the Community Seed & Plant Swap & Sale on Saturday, April 17 on the grounds of the Jackson Presbyterian Church in Jackson.

Besides being a pleasant source of information at the Swap & Sale, the students and their instructors offered items for sale, such as wave petunias, a hybrid pink developed in 1995 which makes a great hanging basket and begonias which make good houseplants or good outside plants for the summer.

Other plants found in the JHS Greenhouse include ferns, lantana, marigolds, cayenne pepper, red salvia, red petunia, Leyland cypress, wisteria, butterfly bushes, aloe, and azaleas. Most four-inch pots are 49-99 cents; hanging baskets are $6.49-$10; six packs are $1.19-$1.99; and plants in gallon containers are $2.49.

The JHS Garden Center will also hold another on-site plant sale during school hours just prior to Mother's Day, which is on Sunday, May 9. Many mothers would be delighted to receive these well-cared for local plants as thoughtful gifts, and the money from sales goes back into the agricultural educational program.