Home owners, county meet on road extension

By Valerie Baldowski


Residents of a Henry County subdivision, concerned about a proposed road extension through their neighborhood, offered some alternatives to county officials Thursday.

Several members of the Winslow at Eagle's Landing subdivision met with Distinct III Henry Commissioner Randy Stamey, County Manager James "Butch" Sanders, Special Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) Transportation Manager Roque Romero, and Public Works Division Director Terry McMickle.

The meeting was held at the SPLOST administrative offices in McDonough, in an attempt to reach an agreement on the placement of the extension of Campground Road.

During the meeting, members of the subdivision's Property Owners Association (POA) presented three alternatives to the county's plan to extend the road directly through the neighborhood, said POA President Annette Powledge.

The first alternative is to widen Jodeco Road to three lanes, from Peach Drive to Ga. Highway 42, said Powledge. The second is to continue the county's plan, but re-direct the road extension to an area behind the subdivision, she said. The third option would be a combination of the first two alternatives, Powledge said.

She said the suggestions are merely ideas, and nothing is set in stone. "These are just concepts," she said. "We gave them huge maps to review."

Powledge said the POA's options were the result of considerable work. "Over time, we've developed this," she added. "We are grateful for the opportunity to present this."

County Manager Sanders said the county will take under advisement the information presented. "The POA laid their alternatives on the table," he said. "We have taken the information, and will review it internally."

Sanders added that another meeting between the POA and the county will eventually be scheduled. The internal review is expected to take between 30 and 45 days to complete, he continued.

"We have a lot more work to do," he said. "This project has been a long time in planning. It's going to take a lot of discussion. We are open-minded to make this project as acceptable as we can to the Property Owners Association. It's very important that we end up with a design of a roadway that is extremely sound, from an engineering, financial, and traffic-movement perspective."

Since December 2009, residents from the subdivision have regularly appeared at Henry County Commission meetings to object to the county's plans for the road extension.

The original plan for the 2.93-mile extension would connect Jodeco Road, east of Peach Drive, to Ga. Highway 42, tying into Campground Road, according to county officials.