All's Well that Ends Wells; Jenkinsburg honors long-serving Council Member Eugene Wells

Photo by Rebecca Long

Photo by Rebecca Long

The Jenkinsburg City Council honored longtime Council Member Eugene Wells with a special service recogntion at its regularly scheduled council meeting on April 26.

Wells was elected to serve the people of Jenkinsburg in 1992 and vacated his seat last July due to health reasons.

Each council member took the opportunity to tell Wells how grateful they were to know him. All said it was a pleasure working with him.

"Mr. Wells and I have been doing city business for 20 years," Council Member Eddie Ford said. "He is a good man, a committed man, and a great Marine.. He always voted his conscience and [did] what he thought was best for Jenkinsburg. I am blessed to have worked with him."

Council Member Ford's words were echoed by each member of the Board and City Clerk Laurie Francis also had kind words for Mr. Wells.

"You all are making a grown man cry," Wells said. "The people of Jenkinsburg have been good to me; God has been good to me."

The Council presented Wells with a service plaque and his nameplate.

Wells served a total of 18 years on the Council. His vacated seat was filled by David Nester during an election held in November 2009.