Butts Co. School News: Daughtry Elementary & Henderson Middle


The Talent Show at Daughtry Elementary was a huge success on Tuesday, March 30th as Daughtry students showcased their talents at our annual talent show. A total of 26 students performed. Acts included singing, dancing, playing piano, performing a one act play, and signing. All students did an excellent job of entertaining our audience. The top three winners were: 1st Place Kamaria Watson; 2nd Place Picasso Taylor; 3rd Place Elizabeth Hinde.

Special thanks for the success of the talent show go out to the following: Theresa Hobbs - putting the entire program together; Mandy Maddox - running the camera; Carol Cabral - hosting for the third year; Patty Duffy & Deidra Jones - ticket booth; Administration - allowing us to have this event; Custodians - cleaning up after us; Cady Hobbs & Callie Latham - props and backstage. All proceeds from this event went towards our upcoming play "Go Fish".

The Talented and Gifted (TAG) class at DES learned about Medieval times recently. TAG students spent several weeks studying the time of kings and queens. Students learned about ladies of the court, knights, lords and family crests. They had the opportunity to research family crests and design their own. Students wrote poems, made a book and designed their own kingdom/castle. Other topics discussed were the Peasant Revolt of 1381 and King Arthur. Students also worked creatively at home to create knight costumes that they could wear.


On Thursday, March 4, five of Henderson Middle School's 8th graders were able to go on a field trip with Jackson High School's NJROTC to visit Ft Benning in Columbus. During their visit they were able to take a tour of the Little White House in Warm Springs, the National Civil War Naval Museum in Columbus, the National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center, and other venues on the Ft. Benning army base. Students were able to stay at the Holiday Inn and were able to have breakfast and lunch on base. The students said it was a trip of a life time.

Brady Stewart was impressed as he witnessed how the army rangers conduct extractions during the process of placing their solders into combat. Quenderious Grantling stated it was a very good experience for him; he was able to see how families lived on military bases. Trent Ellis, Aaron Schwartz and Christian Woodard learned a lot from all of the museums they were able to visit. They also learned from their high school counterparts – they taught them about shining shoes, the proper wearing of military uniforms, and military history. What was really amazing was leaning about military arsenals – they were able to handle the military rocket launchers, bazookas, and watch the Blackhawks conduct maneuvers.

Butts County Board of Education 100% Tobacco Free Schools: The HMS Youth Advisory Council sponsored by Ms. Yolanda Reid, including Joshua Waston, LaDesha Davis, Olivia Garcia, Natalie Darsey, was honored at the Butts County Board of Education April meeting by District 4 Health and Wellness, Beth Daniels . These students along with over 80 others were participants in getting this policy passed for Butts County Schools.

Through a grant written by Ms. Reid and awarded, the Youth Advisory Council of Henderson Middle School were advocates in the initative of the Butts County School System becoming 100% Tobacco Free. Signage is now posted at every school, at the Board of Education, and at every school sponsored event.

How 8th Graders Reflect on Science! In Mrs. Grooms' eighth grade Physical Science class we've created a wondrous project called, Physical Science Super Heroes. Some creative individuals who worked on these outstanding projects are, Clay Martin, Heather Pollard, Ryan Hendricks, David Connell, Alissa Schwindel, Michael Zuniga, Ladurian Barlow and Brieanna Harper. In these comics, the super hero's powers connect to the electromagnetic spectrum which includes radio waves and gamma rays. You can enjoy the comics and learn science at the same time. If you would like to read these projects, they can be found on the eighth grade pod. Please come and enjoy.

The 7th and 8th Grade Band students represented Henderson Middle School very well at the GMEA District IV Large Group Performance Evaluation (Festival). The students were well mannered and looked nice, as well as having a outstanding performance. For our prepared pieces, there were three judges who each gave a score from I (Superior) to V (Poor). The HMS Band received the following scores: Judge 1: Superior (I) Judge 2: Excellent (II) Judge 3: Excellent (II) for an Overall Rating of Excellent (II)

HMS was also scored based on the first reading of a piece of music (Sight Reading). HMS had 6 minutes to study the music then perform it. The students earned a Superior (I) from the one Sight Reading Judge.

Mad Math Minutes: At HMS we believe in the power of positive thinking. Research states "a positive mind anticipates happiness, joy, health and successful outcome of every situation and action." In keeping with this belief, our students participate in "Mad Math Minutes" before the CRCT. The purpose of "Mad Math Minutes" is to allow students to practice their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills. Even the teachers join in for a little math practice fun. There is friendly competition but no winners or losers. The objective is to increase the number of problems a student gets correct per skill within a given time limit. Everyone is praised for even the smallest improvement. The intent is for students to see math as fun and also show that everyone can improve with practice. Encourage your child to participate by inquiring daily as to how many problems they mastered.

HMS's Environmental Club students are participating in Junior Solar Car Sprint sponsored by Central Georgia EMC. The race is going to be on Friday, April 16 at 1:30 p.m.

Relay for Life: Next Friday, April 23 is our Annual Relay for Life night at the Park. Please come out and support HMS.

Infinite Campus: Please don't forget to log-in to Infinite Campus daily to check your child's grades, schedule, attendance and to email your child's teachers, the web address is: https://campus.butts.k12.ga.us/campus/portal/butts.jsp. Contact Natalie Johnson, Henderson's Records Clerk at (770) 504-2310 Extension 310; for more information.

Criterion-Referenced Competency (CRCT) April 19 - 26 Throughout the year, classroom teachers assessed each student's growth and progress toward achievement of the learning goals specified in the state curriculum. Classroom assessments were used to guide instruction in order to provide every child with the opportunity to learn and to succeed and students were made aware of their performance. Students will be tested in Reading, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.