Gunfire erupts when homeowners surprise thieves

Photo by Rebecca Long

Photo by Rebecca Long

By Stewart Voegtlin


When Joey Maddox and his mother pulled in the driveway of their 251 Pratt Smith Road home around 3:09 Tuesday afternoon, they were greeted with gunfire.

Sheriff Gene Pope said two shotgun shells and one .270 rifle round were fired at Maddox's vehicle.

"The shot pattern spread out about two-feet in diameter," Sheriff Pope said.

Pope could not specify the number of people that fired on the vehicle, but said investigators determined the unidentified perpetrators were in the process of stealing several items from the Pratt Smith Road home, including the guns used to fire on the vehicle.

"Several items were taken, including jewelry, guns, and medication," Sheriff Pope said.

Lt. Robert Smith and Sgt . Ken Mundy said the shotgun rounds were fired on the vehicle while it was in the driveway and the .270 round was fired on the vehicle as Maddox sped backwards out of the driveway.

Maddox headed directly to the Butts County Sheriff's Office. While Maddox was en route, deputies and firefighters responded to the scene. E-911 advised deputies Maddox and his mother were in the Sheriff's Office parking lot.

Sheriff Pope and deputies tended first aid to Joey Maddox until an ambulance arrived. Maddox was then transported to Spalding Regional Hospital.

"[Maddox] sustained minor injuries," Sheriff Pope said. "From what we could see, he was cut on the back of the head."

Sheriff Pope said investigators will take Joey Maddox's statement today.

No arrests have been made.

Anyone with information concerning this case is asked to contact Sgt. Mundy at the Sheriff's Office, 770-775-8216 ext. 202.