Ode to Fincher store

Photo by Rebecca Long

Photo by Rebecca Long

The "Old Fincherville Store," which was located at the intersection of Fincherville Road and Keys Ferry Road in Butts County, was demolished on Monday, March 15. The store was a local landmark but had been closed for so long that the price on the gasoline pumps read 25 cents a gallon. Reportedly the store was built in the 1930's, when Keys Ferry Road was dirt and gasoline cost a dime a gallon, and served the community until the 1970's. A reader wrote this tribute to the country store:

Ode to Fincher Store

There once stood a store fine

The price on her pumps was 2 dime.

She provided a place many could tarry

When the weather would look kinda scary.

Many divorced parents would meet there to swap

Their kids when their visit had come to a stop.

Photographers would come by and sigh

Her beauty they could see in their eye.

She was our local GPS

"Look for the Old Store" we would suggest.

She is gone now, but her sight we do keep

For she left us without even a peep.