Satan also has a plan for youe life - James C. Bell

Last week, we talked of our great God's plan for our life and how good it is for us to follow His teachings, which always lead us to peace and happiness.

But, did you know that Satan has a plan for our lives, too, and it is designed to lead us to destruction, to eternal damnation? You see, Satan is at war with God, and he thinks the way to defeat God is to keep us in sin and evil. He wants to lure us into his web and cause us to sin against God.

Oh, he makes sin look so good to us, something that we greatly desire, and he suggests ways we can get what we want, no matter whom it may hurt or how bad it can be for others. He tells us we can hide our evil deeds, and that no one will ever know about them. He is the father of lies and deceit -- this is Jesus' description of him in John 8:44: "When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies."

Satan's ways are subtle and seem to be the thing to do, but they always lead to a life of sin. One of his lies is: "One should live his life any way he wants. It's OK to do your thing."

When you see something you want, he will put his lies in your mind and encourage you to get it, any way you can -- "Steal it, you won't get caught; have an affair, no one will ever know; it's OK to tell lies about your friends, they won't mind, and it will make you look good; you are the most important person, every thing is about you, and it's OK for you to live just as you please, after all, it's your life and nobody else's business."

He will cause you to think, "There is no God. When your life is over, it's over and that's the end. There is no heaven and no hell, so just live as you please."

Satan causes doubt about God's word and His goodness. He makes you look at your problems and failures rather than at God. He makes you feel like a failure, so that you don't even try to do something good.

When you think of going to church, or of reading the Bible, he entices you to do something more exciting, or to put it off until later. "Don't do it now, there's plenty of time to do all the things you want to do first; you're not ready for that now."

Please don't listen to the lies of Satan and fail to believe in God and to trust Him to save you from sin and failure. God surely does exist. In fact, He does more than exist, He provides a great life for every one who believes in Him and His Son, Jesus Christ. He wants us to live according to His teachings and to put our faith and trust in Him.

When we do, He blesses our lives and helps us to grow as we experience Him. We begin to understand and put into practice the truth of His Word, the Holy Bible. We know he made us and as we follow Him, He leads us into "green pastures," places of service where we find fulfillment, joy and peace. He knows our desires and capabilities, He expands our minds and gives us opportunities to do good for others and to praise and glorify Him.

As we spend time in Bible study and prayer, He fortifies us to resist the temptations of Satan and shows us just what He wants us to do. One of the first things He would have us do is tell others about Jesus and His salvation plan.

In Matthew 28:19-20, He gives us our great commission: "All authority in Heaven and earth has been given to me. Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations."

This is our work, our command from Jesus! Are you going? Are you telling others about Jesus and the great blessings we have in life as we serve Him?

Don't listen to the devil and the evil plan he has for you! Put your faith in God and serve Him. I pray you will.