Motorist in 'medical episode' crashes into stores

A 23-year-old motorist reportedly crashed his vehicle into two stores, and struck another car, in Jonesboro, while experiencing a medical episode, according to Officer Otis Willis, III, a public information officer for the Clayton County Police Department.

The incident took place on Saturday, Aug. 7, at about 9:35 p.m., Willis said.

According to Willis, Jonathan Glasco, of Birmingham, Ala., parked his vehicle at Walgreens, at 7935 Tara Blvd., and went inside the drugstore to pick up some medicine.

Willis said witnesses reportedly saw Glasco leave the store in what appeared to be a strange mood. He said Glasco got into his vehicle

and "drove up to the walkway of the business and throttled the engine several times."

Glasco, then, ran the car into Walgreens' sliding doors, Willis said.

After striking the store, Glasco shifted the vehicle into reverse, exited the parking lot and drove westbound, on Highway 138, according to Willis. He said Glasco drove at an angle and traveled eastbound on Highway 138.

Glasco was allegedly driving against traffic, and struck the front end of a 2000 Lincoln Town Car, Willis said.

The public information officer said Glasco then drove his vehicle through the parking lot of Murray Tire Centers LLC, DBA-Jonesboro Tire and Service Center, a Goodyear retailer, according to Willis.

The vehicle did not stop until striking the front side of the Goodyear retail building, at 759 Highway 138, in Jonesboro, Willis said.

"The officer charged him with reckless driving, and driving on the wrong side of the roadway," said Willis.

Glasco is scheduled to appear in court on the citation, on Sept. 15, at 9 a.m., in room 2TC01, at the Harold R. Banke Justice Center, according to Willis, who said he did not have information about the type of medical episode that reportedly led to the incident.

"He [Glasco] hadn't been drinking [alcohol]," Willis added.