Help us honor an unsung hero

The Clayton News Daily, the Henry Daily Herald and the Jackson Progress-Argus are looking for super volunteers -- the unsung heroes and heroines who go above and beyond the normal giving of their time, energy, dedication and generosity to worthy causes in their communities.

The newspapers want to recognize -- and reward -- these devoted individuals in a special way. But first, we have to find them. They can be volunteers at non-profit organizations, such as food pantries, homeless shelters, animal-rescue facilities, schools, churches, clinics, social-service agencies, and other groups that work for the benefit of the community.

We are seeking your nominations. Tell us about the dedicated, worthy individuals you encounter in the community, helping out at your organization or always pitching in to make someone else's life a little brighter.

We will choose three of these community servants and treat them to highly sought-after, premium tickets to NASCAR's Saturday and Sunday races, during the big Labor Day weekend event at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

There will be a top prize winner and two runners-up.

The top "winner" will receive two tickets to both races -- Sept. 4th and 5th -- as well as VIP Suite passes for the Saturday race, so he or she can enjoy an insider's view of events. The runners-up will each receive two tickets to the races on both days.

To nominate a worthy individual, you can go online to your newspaper's web site and look for "Unsung Hero" in the upper right corner of the home page, click on that and follow the instructions.

Your nomination must be in the form of a short essay -- no more than 200 words -- on why the person should be honored as an unsung hero. You must include your name, phone number, and e-mail address -- and contact information for the person you are nominating, so that you and/or the nominee can be notified, if they are chosen. Those nominated must be at least 18 years old.

The web sites for the newspapers are located online at:

* The Clayton News Daily -- www. news-daily.com,

* The Henry Daily Herald -- www.henryherald.com,

* The Jackson Progress-Argus -- www.myjpa.com.

The door is open for nominations until Aug. 24, at which time, members of the newspapers' staffs will review the essays and select the winners. We plan to notify those chosen on, or about, Aug. 30.

Those chosen will have to arrange to pick up their prizes from their local newspaper office, and agree to have their photographs taken, and sit for a brief interview. They must also allow us to use their likeness in articles or promotional materials we develop in connection with this event.

Employees of Southern Community Newspapers, Inc., and members of their families, are not eligible to participate.

-- The Editors