Comforting help in a time of need - JEANINE CONKLE

Comforting help in a time of need

To the editor:

I wanted write a small thank-you note to the Clayton County Fire Department, the EMTs (paramedics), and the GBI (Georgia Bureau of Investigation).

My mother's house caught on fire on April 1, 2010. Her name was Gloria Conkle. I live two houses over from my mother's house. I had just left her house at 7:30 p.m. My neighbors came over to my house about 10 p.m., and told me my mother's house was on fire.

I immediately ran over there and the fireman grabbed me and said my mother had passed.

I could not believe it, because I had just been at my mother's house. All the firemen, EMTs and GBI employees were so comforting to me. I just wanted to write a thank-you, because I didn't have anyone there from my family to help me, and they really took care of me.

I am so grateful to all of those people and their comforting attitudes. I know where my mother is now, and she is not suffering anymore. I know one day, I'll see her in heaven.