Your columnist is not funny - HAROLD L. BARBER

To the editor:

Re: Will Durst Column Printed July 22, 2010.

Well, he may be a comedian, but I don't think his work is too funny.

When I hear these way-out-there liberals talking about the rich getting all these tax breaks, I wonder just what world they are living in. Where does he think the money comes from to keep the lesser-healed folks with the jobs they have? I worked for long years at low pay, and was mighty glad to have a job, so I could eat regularly, pay my bills and try to amount to something.

This country is operating on credit. Their credit card is overdrawn. They spend money they don't have. They can't pay the interest, but keep charging anyway. A lot of folks live that way. I never did that, and it is not a good idea to allow yourself to live that way. When I could not pay for something I could not afford, I simply passed on it. Lots of folks will continue charging on that courtesy card, even though they have no idea how it will be paid. This country is operating the same way.

It seems the Republic Party is blamed for failure to fund these unemployment checks. We do not have the funds. They tried their best to get the Democrats to cut something out that we could do without, and pay them with that. Sounds very much the right thing to do. They did not want to block help for these folks. They need the unemployment pay. THEY NEED it. No, they want to add that to the debt that we cannot pay now, running that credit card on up, and not worrying about paying it. This should stop. Our credit is well past it's limit and no one knows how it will be paid.

It is past time to face reality. If you can't pay it, then pass on it. That is the only realistic way to look at it. And about these RICH folks ... Bless them. If I was smart enough to be rich, then I would be. I certainly would help others along the way (more than I do), if I had the funds to do so. Rich folks do help others, so don't knock them so much. I know some rich folks, and they are darn nice people.