New details released in missing woman's case

Janell Crystal Aaron

Janell Crystal Aaron

By Maria-Jose Subiria


The Clayton County Police Department was able to provide more information, Wednesday, in the case of a missing Riverdale woman.

Janell Crystal Aaron, 20, was last seen on July 15, according to Officer Otis Willis, III, a public information officer for the department.

Errol Moore, the father of Aaron's five-month-old daughter, was reportedly the last person to see Aaron, said Willis. He said Moore arrived at Aaron's residence, in the 1600 block of Dayna Drive, in Riverdale, on July 15, to pick up the couple's baby. "The child was left with him," he added.

Willis said Moore told police that Aaron had planned on going to a job interview. The spokesperson said he did not have information about the

route Aaron reportedly took, to get to the job interview that day.

Aaron's cousin, Tyra Aaron, called police on July 19 to report her missing, according to Officer E. Glover, of the Clayton County Police Department.

Glover, who wrote the police incident report in the case, said Tyra Aaron told police that she had not heard from her cousin since July 17.

Glover said Tyra Aaron reported that she tried contacting Moore, and that he informed her that he had not seen Janell Aaron since the day the baby was left with him.

"The complainant [Tyra Aaron] advised that witness No. 1 [Moore] would not give any information on when the last time he saw her [Janell Aaron], or his whereabouts with the baby," said Glover, in the police report.

Willis added that currently, Moore has been cooperating with Detective D. Childs, by answering questions regarding the case.

"There are suspicious circumstances surrounding her [Janell Aaron's] disappearance," Willis said, in a written statement. He said the suspicious circumstances include the fact that it is not common for someone to leave a young child behind, and not contact anyone for such a length of time.

Willis described Janell Aaron as approximately 5 feet, 6 inches tall, 110 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes. Janell Aaron has several tattoos, including an Aries zodiac sign on her forearm, a diamond on the back of her neck and the name of her baby, Janyra, on her right calf, police said.

Anyone who comes in contact with Janell Aaron, or knows of her whereabouts, is asked to contact Detective Childs at (678) 614-9099.