Unidentified male arrested in Riverdale shooting

By Maria-Jose Subiria


A male suspect, who allegedly shot a 17-year-old boy Saturday, in Riverdale, was taken into custody by the Riverdale Police Department, according to Police Chief Samuel Patterson.

Patterson said, Monday, that the department was withholding the name of the suspect who was detained, and that police are still searching for a second male suspect, whose name was also being withheld.

"I am not going to release his name, due to an ongoing investigation ... Both of them are in their 20's, they are young men," said Patterson, during a phone interview, Monday.

The 17-year-old victim, whose name was also not released, was shot once in the hand, and a second time in the upper chest area, at about 7: 32 p.m., Saturday, at 6448 Camp Street, said Patterson.

According to a police incident report, Officer L. White, of the Riverdale Police Department, arrived at the scene at approximately 7:33 p.m., and saw the victim receiving assistance from Lt. Cooper, with the police department, at the front porch of 6448 Camp Street.

White, who wrote the police report, said a witness advised him that the victim was shot in the woods, not at the front porch. The victim was transported to the Atlanta Medical Center, in Atlanta, and he was in stable condition Monday, with non-life-threatening injuries, Patterson said.

The police chief said, based on the investigation, the victim and the suspects do not live, work or have friends in the area where the incident occurred.

Because of these findings, it is believed the shooting incident may have resulted from a drug deal gone awry, he said.

"It is an area where drugs have been consumed and sold ... We have taken reports on drug-related activity [there]," said Patterson.

"The greatest probability is that it would have been drug-related," he added.

Patterson said no further information could be disclosed, due to an ongoing investigation of the case.