Fifty-one CSU students take dental hygiene oath

Clayton State University officials recently announced that 51 juniors and seniors took their dental hygiene oaths, during the school's annual White Coat Ceremony, on Aug. 16.

The ceremony, which is conducted by Clayton State's Department of Dental Hygiene, is done every year to welcome students into the dental hygiene program, according to University Spokesperson Erin Fender.

The ceremony also "reminds the students of their responsibilities associated with patient care in the program, and also promotes the principles of professionalism they will need to embrace in their future practice of dental hygiene," Fender said.

Michael Sterns, the Southeast dental school account manager for Johnson & Johnson, gave the keynote address during the ceremony, according to Fender.

The spokesperson said Sharonia Rowe, the president of Clayton State's chapter of the Student American Dental Hygienist's Association, led the students in taking their oath.

-- Curt Yeomans