Two suspects caught in Jonesboro pawn shop robbery

Two masked men, one of whom allegedly brandished a gun during a robbery of a

Jonesboro pawn shop Tuesday, have been arrested without incident, Clayton County police.

Donny Ray Brandon, 19, and Darious Williams, 34, were caught after allegedly stealing money that was rigged with a tracking device, according to Capt. Tina Daniel, public information officer for the Clayton County Police Department.

Brandon and Williams reportedly went into Cash America Pawn, at 6811 Tara Blvd., masked, and armed with handguns, said Sgt. Otis Willis, III. Willis said one of the suspects allegedly grabbed a customer and placed the hand gun on the victim, while demanding money, and that the safe be opened.

"They took over $3,000 and left on foot, not knowing there was a tracking device in the money," said Willis. A short time later, he said, they were tracked to Building 1600 at Magnolia Circle, at the Tara Bridge Apartments, in Jonesboro.

"Because of the tracking device, they were able to be located," said Willis. The apartment complex is located on state Highway 138, at North Avenue, he said.

Both men eventually exited the apartment and turned themselves into police, according to Willis.

Brandon was charged with armed robbery, false imprisonment, possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime, and obstruction of an officer, according to Daniel.

Williams was charged with armed robbery, and obstruction of officer, Daniel said. "One was arrested two hours prior to the other," she said.

After tracking the two arrested men, police eventually learned there was a third, possible suspect, who allegedly knocked a hole in the wall, and escaped through an adjacent, vacant apartment.

"Because that took place, we had to get the [Clayton County Police Department's] SWAT Team to clear the entire building," said Willis. "They [SWAT Team] were put on alert, responded to the location and conducted a search, to ensure the safety of citizens."

According to Daniel, the third suspect has not been charged, yet. Willis added that he is unable to release any further information on the third suspect.

Daniel added that the police department recovered an undisclosed amount of money with the arrests of the two initial suspects.