Sheriff's deputy's gun, badge, other items stolen

Authorities said that a gun, badge, GPS device, and a MP3 player, were stolen from a undercover investigator's car, at his home.

The items were taken, on Friday, Nov. 26, from an undercover Clayton County Sheriff's investigator's car in front of the deputy's residence, according to Deputy Alicia Parkes, a Clayton County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman.

The badge was found three days later, off the side of a roadway, in Henry County, not far from the location of the theft, said Parkes. She said it was discovered someone engaged in landscape work.

The gun, GPS device, and MP3 player, remained missing as on Monday, according to Parkes.

"The gun is a Glock 2740 caliber ... It is the deputy's back-up gun," she said. "There were identifiable latent prints on the vehicle," Parkes said.

She explained that the three sets of prints found in the vehicle were still under investigation for a match, Monday. Parkes said there is no evidence the thief targeted the deputy's car.

"There were pry marks found on the window seal of the vehicle, which appears to be the way they got the [locked] door open," Parkes added.

"The Sheriff's Office does have procedures on how a deputy should properly secure their firearm, whether on, or off, duty," said Parkes. She said the deputy received a verbal reprimand because the items were stolen.

"He received the verbal reprimand because of poor judgment, but he did not violate the policy." Parkes said the deputy had the option to remove the firearm from his vehicle, and secure it in his home, or somewhere else, besides the undercover car.

As of Monday, there has been no reported commission of a crime performed with the stolen gun, she said. Parkes said that the Sheriff's Office has a system in place to properly track law enforcement weapons.