No respect for Morrow citizens

No respect for Morrow citizens

To the editor:

John Lampl has pushed the City of Morrow to the lowest point I have seen in my 40 years as a resident. As city manager, he showed that he had no respect for our city employees, department heads, council members, or anyone else who stood in the way of his getting what he wanted. He apparently spent our money with no regard as to how we can pay for the projects he undertook. He bypassed our elected officials, ignoring the fact that he was supposed to keep them informed and get their permission to proceed in areas involving city finances. As a result, Morrow lost valuable city employees who could not work under his administration. In short, he tried to make the city his private domain.

My words? No.

These are some of the allegations and inferences that came out of two independent reports authorized by the city. One, an audit of Olde Town Morrow, shows that, by his own admission, "proper procedure was not always followed for obtaining competitive bids" and "proper procedure was not always followed for obtaining signed contracts from vendors." I have to wonder if this is something the district attorney should look into. After all, he was spending taxpayers' money.

The most shameful evidence came out in the ethics report concerning charges made by the city financial director. It shows Mr. Lampl as one who ruled by intimidation and threat. He gave employees a feeling of constant anxiety to the extent that some could not work under such pressure and still do their best job.

The City Council has now started proceedings to remove him from his seat on city council. I would submit that he should resign immediately to keep from further embarrassing the City of Morrow and himself. There is no place in our city for anyone who lacks the respect for the citizens of Morrow, as shown by John Lampl.