Weaving driver leads police to methamphetamine

By Jason A. Smith


Police found an undisclosed amount of methamphetamine during a traffic stop in Stockbridge. Henry County Police said two men and one woman, all with Clayton County addresses, denied having the drugs in their possession.

Louis Ian Massar, 38, of Forest Park, Autumn Louissa Young, 27, and John Leslie Simmons, 28, both of Jonesboro, were pulled over by police at 6:14 a.m., Sunday, according to a police report.

Officer Kelly Horne said in his report that Simmons was driving a Mercury Grand Marquis on North Henry Boulevard in Stockbridge, with Massar and Young as passengers, when the vehicle began to weave within its lane.

"When the driver handed me his license, I observed his hands trembling as if he was nervous," the officer wrote. "Mr. Simmons advised his car is so big, so that's why he weaves when he drives."

Officer Horne wrote that he saw Massar in the front passenger seat, and Young in the back seat. The officer asked the three individuals whether they had drugs on their persons, which they all denied, according to the report.

The officer then asked Simmons to exit the vehicle. "I asked him if I could pat him down for weapons, and he gave consent," Horne wrote. "While patting him down, I felt a large bulge in his right pocket to the jacket he was wearing. I asked Mr. Simmons what was in his pocket, and he pulled a Glad plastic container out."

Simmons, he wrote, told police he was taking Massar and Young home, when he was pulled over. Massar and Young claimed Simmons was in the process of taking them to a place called the "Game Room," the officer continued.

"After speaking with all subjects, and getting conflicting stories of where they were coming from, and the nervous behavior of all subjects, I conducted a search of the vehicle," wrote Horne. "As soon as I entered the vehicle, I observed a large plastic baggie sitting in the middle of the front bench seat, under an arm rest. The baggie contained a crystal-like substance consistent with methamphetamine."

Police did not specify the amount or weight of the drugs reportedly found at the scene, according to Maj. Jason Bolton.

Horne said he then handcuffed Massar, Young and Simmons, and questioned them a second time about the drugs. Simmons said he did not know anything about the drugs found in the vehicle, according to the officer's report.

"I then spoke with Mr. Massar," wrote Horne. "He ... advised, 'It's mine.' I asked him what he meant, and he advised, 'They didn't know anything about it.'"

Horne added that he placed Massar under arrest for trafficking methamphetamine. He then turned his attention to Young, who was carrying a pair of purses. "Inside one of the purses ... I located a black, nylon-zippered case with pink trim," the officer wrote in the report. "Inside the case, I located two clear, plastic baggies and a small, blue, plastic baggie. Inside the blue baggie, I observed small crystal shards consistent with methamphetamine in it."

Young and Simmons were each charged with possession of methamphetamine. Simmons was also charged with failure to maintain a lane.

A field test was conducted on the shards, Horne wrote, and they tested positive for methamphetamine. The officer added that Young said she did not know anything about the drugs, but was placed under arrest.

Horne said when he looked into Simmons' Glad plastic container, the officer found additional crystal shards consistent with methamphetamine.

The three were taken to the Henry County Jail. They appeared Monday in Magistrate Court, represented by the Public Defender's Office. All three suspects waived their respective rights to preliminary hearings on the charges against them, and Judge Robert Godwin bound their cases over to Superior Court.

The judge set Simmons' bond at $10,000, and Young's at $7,500. Massar's bond will be set later, in Superior Court, Godwin said.

Public Defender Gary Bowman could not be reached for comment.