Police go full force with 'Operation Scrooge'

On a rainy Thursday night, Clayton County Police officers gathered, for roll call to receive their assignments for a major operation underway in Clayton County, and throughout the holiday season.

Clayton County Police Chief Greg Porter addressed a room full of officers about the operation, during the roll call.

"We want you to be safe...we appreciate your service," he said, at the Clayton County Police Headquarters Building, in Jonesboro.

Thursday night began "Operation Scrooge," which will run through the end of the year, according to a Clayton County Police Public Information Officer, Capt. Tina Daniel. The operation will consist of five teams of 40 officers, and will stretch throughout the county.

"Operation Scrooge" targets different areas of the county to serve outstanding warrants, target DUIs and traffic enforcement, Daniel explained. Thursday night's operation included road blocks in various locations, Daniel added.

According to Daniel, Garden Walk Boulevard in Riverdale, Tara Road in Jonesboro, and Fielder Road in Rex are just a few of the areas, Thursday, where police conducted traffic stops.

"We are trying to get people who have DUIs, theft [charges]...anybody who could possibly become a scrooge to our residents," said Daniel.

"We want to increase the standard of living for our citizens," she added.

"This is the first time we have done this...we have done other things during the holidays in the past, but this is the first time we have done this on such a scale," she said.

The hours of operation, team members, and specific targets will vary each day, according to Daniel. She declined to give details on what types of operations will occur daily.

Daniel said the department is focusing on areas where authorities have knowledge of wanted individuals, and repeat offenders.

"There are so many people out here who are repeat offenders that we have knowledge of...and we are going after them," said Daniel.

She added that the Clayton County Police Department wants to make sure that the residents of Clayton County will have a safe and happy holiday season.