Lovejoy rolls to fourth-straight Clayton County title

From Staff reports

The Lovejoy wrestling team won its fourth county championship in a row.

Lovejoy dominated the tournament, scoring 252 points, 107 points ahead of second-place Mundy's Mill (145.5)

Charles Drew (138), Forest Park (119) and Jonesboro (111.5) brought up the top five.

The 10 of the Wildcats 12 wrestlers made it to the finals and six, Cassius Williams, Michael Whitney, Derek Holmes, Gio Ortiz, Brandon Stoutamire and David Washington all took home first place honors.

Four Lovejoy wrestlers finished in second place.

Lovejoy placers:

Cassius Williams - 1st

Michael Whitney - 1st

Derek Holmes - 1st

Gio Ortiz - 1st

Brandon Stoutamire - 1st

David Washington - 1st

William Pugh - 2nd

Grant Hagler - 2nd

Corey Alexander - 2nd

Angelo Gris- 2nd

Nate Norwood - 3rd

Cedric Jones - 4th


1st Malik Jonesboro T-Fall

2nd Ward Mundy's Mill

3rd Lee Morrow


1st Williams Lovejoy Fall

2nd C. Coleman Jonesboro

3rd Williams Mundy's Mill


1st Whitney Lovejoy Fall

2nd S. Coleman Jonesboro

3rd Medina Charles Drew

4th Edwards Mundy's Mill


1st Millens Jonesboro Fall

2nd Pugh Lovejoy

3rd Pitts Charles Drew

4th Nwosu Riverdale


1st Turner Mundy's Mill T-Fall

2nd Mehrjooya Charles Drew

3rd Ky. Booker Forest Park

4th Womack Jonesboro


1st Mitchell Mundy's MIll Fall

2nd Hagler Lovejoy

3rd Scott Charles Drew

4th Ke. Booker Forest Park


1st Holmes Lovejoy Fall

2nd Carter Forest Park

3rd Seals Charles Drew

4th Williams Jonesboro


1st Ortiz Lovejoy Dec 8 - 2

2nd Nelson Forest Park

3rd Lewis Morrow


1st Thomas Mundy's MIll Dec 3 - 2

2nd Alexander Lovejoy

3rd Endsley Forest Park

4th Nelson Riverdale


1st Dlemons Morrow Dec 9 - 3

2nd Walker Mundy's MIll

3rd Holloman Riverdale

4th Jones Lovejoy


1st Stoutamire Lovejoy Fall

2nd Peters Charles Drew

3rd Thompson Forest Park

4th Powell North Clayton


1st Butts Forest Park Fall

2nd Garvin Mundy's Mill

3rd Norwood Lovejoy

4th Williams Charles Drew


1st Herring Charles Drew Fall

2nd GrisLovejoy

3rd Williams Mundy's MIll

4th Kinsey Morrow


1st Washington Lovejoy Fall

2nd Kaikai Morrow

3rd Fletcher Mount Zion

4th Reid Charles Drew