Suppliers, users, clash over drugs, 8 arrested

By Mehgaan Jones


Clayton County Police responded to a home invasion call, which resulted in the discovery of an alleged methamphetamine lab, and the arrest of eight people.

A 911 emergency call brought police to a residence at 6218 Evans Drive, in Rex.

According to a Clayton County Public Information Officer, Sgt. Otis Willis, four hostages, who were found duct-taped in the basement, were arrested after police discovered drugs, in the home, on Tuesday night.

James Thomas Thaxton, 46, was arrested on trafficking methamphetamine, and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime charges, according to Willis. Thaxton lives at the incident location, in Rex, he added.

Stockbridge resident, Eric Clark, 46, Brian Webb, 42, of Hampton, and Patricia K. Webb, 42, of Hampton, were arrested on charges of trafficking methamphetamine, explained Willis.

Police said that later, all four invaders were also arrested, but their names and charges were unavailable Wednesday, Willis said.

When police arrived to investigate the home, they identified an odor common with the smell of methamphetamine, authorities said.

"The location was under active investigation for illegal drug activity, which had been ongoing for over six weeks," Willis explained. "Units from the Clayton County Narcotics Division, were requested to assist in the robbery investigation...," Willis added.

Willis said police evacuated the house while the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and Clayton County Fire and Emergency services cleared the residence.

"A search warrant was issued, and items were seized," he said.

Authorities seized 11.14 ounces of methamphetamine, $2,187 in cash, six firearms, less than an ounce of marijuana, miscellaneous prescription medications, and various packaging materials, according to Willis.

The burglars said they attempted to rob the home because they were allegedly sold "bad drugs" and wanted their money back, he added.

"It is always a great thing when we can remove drugs from our society," said Willis.

According to authorities, all the suspects were in custody at the Clayton County Jail on Wednesday.