Admitting to my own travel addiction - Curt Yeomans

I am going to fess up, and admit something that probably will not come as a surprise to anyone -- I am addicted to travel.

Now, while that may sound like I am making some sort of joke, I have to point out that I mean I am literally addicted to moving around, and doing a lot of traveling.

This actually goes back before my first trip to Europe. I would say it probably began to develop in 2007, when I took a week-long trip to Hattiesburg, Miss., which is where I went to college.

After that trip, I began to look at places around the southeastern U.S., to visit on vacations, and that took me to Savannah in June of 2008, and later, Charleston, S.C., in October of 2008.

Going to Europe in 2009 just accelerated the addiction to new levels. I needed bigger and better travel destinations, or I, at least, needed to travel more often.

That is why, in 2010, I went on three trips. Two of them were to foreign countries (Italy and Canada), and the third was a weekend getaway to Orlando, Fla.

The fact is, I never should have gone on that many trips this year. I took the trip to Canada while I still had just a little bit of debt left over from the trips to Italy and Orlando. I ended up coming back from that trip with barely enough money left to buy a tank of gas and one meal at work the following week.

It is sort of an unhealthy addiction.

But, I did the trip just to do it, and I don't regret it. In fact, as soon as I got back from Canada, I immediately began planning a trip to San Francisco, scheduled to take place in April 2011. I am also pondering taking a short trip up to Boston at some point next year.

I was, at one time, thinking about doing it over the holidays this year, but I thought about it, and decided it would probably be best to put it off.

I mean Boston -- in winter? Come on, now.

I am also already planning for a trip BACK to Europe for July 2012, so I can attend the Summer Olympics in London.

Actually, the San Francisco and Boston trips are more to help me get to London than anything else. You see, I am trying to build up as many Delta Sky Miles as possible. If my math and understanding of skymiles is right, I should gain just over 4,000 skymiles just by flying round-trip to, and from, San Francisco. I should earn just under 2,000 skymiles for flying round-trip to, and from, Boston.

I can redeem skymiles for money off plane tickets. I just have to fly on Delta at least once every two years to prevent my miles from expiring. If I do both trips, I should have more than 25,000 skymiles to my name. That is a couple hundred dollars off air fare.

Then, I am also trying to accrue several nights on my Hotels.com account. For every 10 nights I spend in a hotel that I booked through Hotels.com, I get a free night -- as long as the price of the room is equal to, or less than, the average of the money I spent on those 10 nights.

My goal is to try and get two or three nights free, and I am trying to get the average price figure above $100, so I have a better selection of hotels in London.

Come on, do I sound like the casual traveler to anyone? This is hard-core stuff for me. The truth is, if I could make a living by just traveling around the world all the time and writing about it, I would be all over that opportunity.

Curt Yeomans covers education for the Clayton News Daily. He can be reached at (770) 478-5753, ext. 247, or via e-mail at cyeomans@news-daily.com.