Jonesboro officials' crystal ball

Jonesboro officials' crystal ball

To the editor:

As I'm sitting here, pondering this proposed budget for 2011 for Jonesboro ... Wait, Wow! I must be good. I found a blunder right here on the first line. Was this put here on purpose? Maybe, it's a trick?

On the first line on the front page of the budget, I see where we have already figured in the proposed property taxes as a revenue for 2011. Did we already vote on this? Does the city have a crystal ball, I don't know about?

Can I get the winning Lotto numbers next week? I thought before this can come to light, it has to be voted on in a referendum by the voters of this city, and then sent to the state? What happens if it does not pass? Well, correct me if I'm wrong, but since we have already added the $166,000 to spend on the budget, and if the tax gets voted down, this will mean we've spent $166,000 we didn't have, and now, we're not going to get $166,000 in taxes?

Wouldn't that leave us a shortfall of $332,000 for the 2012 budget? You can blame the crystal ball. Anyway, come on now, how can you possibly add this to the budget? I think someone has discovered the last administration's calculator, where you press a button and magic numbers pop up.

I guess they did a poll of all our citizens, and everyone is voting, yes, for the taxes. Well, I guess I wasn't home when they came by to poll me. Maybe, the crystal ball told them I would vote, no. I'm hoping I, at least, get my Lotto numbers ...