Getting to Know ... Timethia Bennett

Staff writer Brian Paglia recently spoke with Bennett about coming home to Clayton County and her love of Disney movies.

Who: Junior forward on Clayton State women's basketball team.

Hometown: Riverdale

High School: Mundy's Mill


Bennett played for former Mundy's Mill coach Lonnie Farmer and played a season at Lincoln Memorial University before transferring to Clayton State.

This season:

Played in 10 games, averaging 1.5 points in 7.8 minutes per game.

Major: Health care management

Decision to transfer: "I missed home. I was inconsistent, and they weren't sure if they wanted to keep me or not. It was kind of a debate on both ends. So I came here. (Coach Dennis Cox) took me in. I had a lot of reasons. I thought it could be a transformation for me. I might get more playing time, but either way I win. ... I'm closer to home. My family can come to games, and at Lincoln Memorial I rarely saw my parents. It was four hours away."

Life on a college team:

"We do a lot of basketball stuff. When we're off the court, everybody's always together. We click real well. We have movie nights and stuff like that."

Favorite memories:

"Probably New Year's. We just party. Nothing bad, though, nothing major. Everybody has a good time. Just being with them is good. Not everybody's able to go home to their immediate family, so it's like a second home."

Favorite movie:

"All Dogs Go To Heaven. I'm into Disney movies. I'm a big kid."

Favorite music:

"I listen to random music, like (composer) Clint Mansell. I listen to smooth R & B. I'm more of an old-school person. That's pretty much it. I'm not into much other stuff."

Plans after college:

"Not exactly (sure) right now. Hopefully I will get into a clinic or something in the health care field."