Police probing rash of burglaries in Riverdale

Clayton County police are advising residents to take the initiative in the fight against crime, following a recent spate of burglaries in Riverdale.

Over the last 30 days, four burglaries have taken place in the Roy Huie Road Corridor, in the areas of Forest Haven Lane, Ridge Trail, Forest Haven Trail and Roy Huie Road, according Clayton County Police public information officer, Capt. Tina Daniel.

The stolen items include flat screen televisions, money, jewelry, and electronic games. "We don't have a reason why the area has been targeted," Daniel said Wednesday.

Authorities met with residents in the affected areas on Wednesday, to give them advice on how to protect their homes. "We are trying to educate people in the area," Daniel said. The location of the burglaries includes about 100 homes, she added. She urged residents to be aware of their surroundings.

"If you see a suspicious car ... you should contact police," Daniel said. She also emphasized that people should record the serial numbers on items in their homes, such as laptop computers, flat screen televisions, other electronic devices and items thieves might go after.

A lot of times, we get evidence, and don't know who to return it to," she explained. She added that having a serial number will allow authorities to, not only return the stolen items, but to also follow a pattern of criminal activity.

For example, Daniel said, if a thief pawns an item, police can link the property to the responsible suspect, based on the item's serial number.

"Nine out of ten times, we do not have the serial numbers," she said.

The police department is actively investigating the string of burglaries in Riverdale, she added. "We do have a couple of good leads."

She stressed that citizens have to call police when they witness unusual activity, such as someone hanging around, who shouldn't be there, or trying to enter a neighbor's home when the neighbor is away.

"It is the only way we will get the information," she said.