Snap Fitness offering weight-loss contest

The new year is just around the corner, and some are getting ready to face one of the most popular New Year's resolutions — losing weight.

Snap Fitness is offering "The Biggest Loser Contest" for people interested in competing while taking off the pounds, in both Clayton and Henry counties, said Adrienne Tucker, personal training general manager, for Snap Fitness in Hampton and Stockbridge.

This is the first time both locations are offering the contest to members and non-members, she said.

"I think the competition aspect of it will get the competitors involved in it...you get a little bit of a camaraderie from...opponents," she said.

Tucker said the competition will take place Jan. 3, through Jan. 31, from 7 p.m., to 8 p.m., at both locations. It will be offered Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at the 24/7 fitness center, 1005 Brentwood Parkway, in Stockbridge, and Tuesdays and Thursdays, at 1985 McDonough Road, Hampton.

The contest costs $150 for members and non-members in Stockbridge, and $125 for members and non-members in Hampton, she said. Those that bring a partner will be able enroll for $100, she said.

The competition will focus on weight loss, body fat percentage loss, and inches lost around the waist, said the personal training general manager. The person who loses the most overall in all three categories, will be named the winner. There will not be a third place for the competition, she said.

"The first place winner will receive a six-month free membership," she said.

The person who places second will gain a free membership for three months, said Tucker.

Members of the gymnasium, who participate in the competition, will be able to use the facility anytime, but are required to attend the group meetings scheduled for their location, said Tucker. Non-members will only be eligible to use the facility during the group meetings, she added.

Competitors will get T-shirts, have personal training sessions, and participate in weekly weigh-ins and measurements, said Tucker. "I would be training the entire group," she said.

During the first meeting, there will be a nutritionist to educate competitors on what foods they should eat, Tucker explained.

Participants will participate in rotations throughout the gymnasium. "There will be lots of cardio and core work," said Tucker.

For the cardio portion, competitors will participate in various exercise activities, such as the use of treadmills, elliptical machines, jump rope, and kickboxing, Tucker said.

Participants also will concentrate on a small portion of upper, and lower body resistance training, and will use free weights for weight training.

She said if participants follow the program as designed, they should lose between 16, to 20 pounds, the end of the competition.

She said there is no limit to how many people can enroll, but if a large number of participants enroll, she will need to create another group meeting. The second group would meet after 8 p.m., she said. As of Wednesday, there were four patrons enrolled in Stockbridge, and none in Hampton.

Tucker said neither fitness location offers regular group workout training sessions, but if the demand is high, it will be considered.