Fire officials investigate car fires at Stockbridge home

By Jason A. Smith


Fire officials are investigating an apparent case of arson, in which two cars were reportedly set on fire in a homeowner's driveway.

Henry County firefighters responded to a call about a vehicle fire shortly before 1:30 a.m., Wednesday, outside a home on Woodland Trace in Stockbridge. According to a report from the fire department, the homeowner "heard something banging around outside, and saw the cars on fire."

Fire officials arrived at the scene, and found a 1996 Nissan Maxima and a 1999 Honda Accord, side by side, both in flames.

"[The Maxima] was on fire with the engine compartment fully involved, a small fire also noted in the right rear wheel well," the report states. "[The Accord] was parked to the right of [the Maxima], its driver's door was open and it had a small area near the gas tank and left rear wheel well with a small fire."

The blaze, the report says, erupted approximately 10 feet from a house, which did not sustain any damage. According to the document, the "odor of gasoline hung in the air around both vehicles."

The report adds that the homeowner told fire officials there had been some "harassment" recently by a former tenant of the house. The fire department is continuing to investigate the case, with assistance from the Henry County Police Department.