Victim shot in Morrow, suspects get away

By Maria Jose Subiria


A juvenile was shot in his left arm on Tuesday, while driving away from a black male, who attempted to rob him and two other passengers in his vehicle, according to Clayton County police.

The bullet went through the victim's arm and grazed his right hand, police said.

The shooting occurred on Veracruse Drive, in Morrow, just south of Lake Harbin Road. A medical unit of the Clayton County Fire Department transported the victim to Atlanta Medical Center, for medical assistance.

Police said the armed suspect was wearing a white baseball cap at the time of the incident. Four other suspects were involved in the incident, but the victims provided descriptions for only three individuals, said police.

Two black males, police said, were wearing ski masks, and another was wearing a dark coat that had a hood with a fur lining. After the shooting, all five suspects fled on foot, police said.

According to police, three teenagers were traveling southbound on Veracruse Drive and were flagged down by two black males. After the juvenile stopped his vehicle, three more black males appeared at the scene, one carrying a black, semi-automatic firearm.

The armed suspect demanded that the victims turn over their valuables, according to police. Police said the armed suspect advanced to the driver's door, and attempted to open the door. The victim then drove away, fleeing from the scene, while the suspect fired at the vehicle.

The Clayton County Police Department is asking anyone with information about this incident to call (404) 577-8477.