Lovejoy students to go on clothing 'Odyssey'

By Curt Yeomans


Marquisia Spear slowly glided across the cafeteria at Lovejoy High School on Tuesday evening, with her left hand on her hip, and a Nerf gun in her right hand.

The 17-year-old Lovejoy senior took one step forward with her left foot in a brown, knee-high, leather boot. Then, she moved her right foot forward until it was next to the left foot. She paused for half a second and repeated the steps -- this time, starting with the right foot.

Spear is a model. The gun in her hand was a neon-green toy. She was rehearsing the "Transformers"-inspired opening scene of the Lovejoy Parent-Teacher Student Association's upcoming "Passion for Fashion, Phase III" fashion show.

"This is my first year doing the show, but I really like it," Spear said. "I want to be a model one day, and this is teaching me the basics of what to do."

Lovejoy's third-annual fashion show will be held Friday, from 7 to 9 p.m., at the Clayton County Public Schools Performing Arts Center, which is located at 2530 Mt. Zion Parkway in Jonesboro. This year's theme is "Fashion Odyssey 2010," said Lovejoy PTSA Vice-President Daughn Sage, who is also the fashion show's organizer.

The show will involve 21 students who will serve as models, and 15 additional students who will entertain the audience between the seven modeling scenes, Sage said. The students entertaining the crowd will be participating in a talent competition, she added.

"They're going to get up on stage and show off their talents between scenes, so the models have time to change their outfits," Sage said. "We're going to have singing, spoken-word poetry, dancing and, of course, what fashion show would be complete without some rapping."

The modeling scenes will include prom fashions, casual fashions, an all-white clothing scene, an all-black clothing scene, and the opening scene that is inspired by the "Transformers" movie franchise. Sage said the opening scene includes models walking like robots while wearing glowsticks as a light show takes place on a screen behind them.

"The prom clothing will be provided by David's Bridal for the girls, and the Men's Wearhouse for the guys," Sage said. "All of the other clothes will come from the students' wardrobes. You know, these kids wear uniforms all day, so they haven't had a chance to show off their clothes to their classmates."

Sage said tickets can be purchased in advance for $10 by going to Lovejoy High, which is located at 1587 McDonough Road in Hampton, during school hours, or between 6:30 and 8:30 p.m., today and Thursday, during rehearsals in the school's cafeteria.

Tickets can also be purchased at the Performing Arts Center on the night of the show for $12.

The fashion show is a fund-raising event, Sage said, with the proceeds mainly paying for beautification of the school's senior courtyard, and for monthly after-school programs the PTSA holds for students. This year, however, a small portion of the proceeds will be donated to Jonesboro-based HOPE Ministries of Georgia, Inc., to pay for the shipping of relief supplies to earthquake-stricken Haiti, Sage said.

"That group is run by one of our former [PTSA] board members, Dabouze Antoine, who lost family members during the earthquake in Haiti," Sage said. "The rest of it will go back to the school, though."

Lovejoy sophomore, Amanda McGhee, 16, Sage's niece and one of the models in the show, said she thinks it is a good idea to earmark some of the proceeds for relief efforts in Haiti. "It's a good cause," she said. "I know people that have family in Haiti, that they still cannot find their loved ones. We're doing something we love to help others in need."

For more information about the fashion show, call the school at (770) 473-2920.