Grace is a place - Chester Cook

In Lawville, there is a lot of talk about a place called "Grace," but very few actually find it.

The rulers of Lawville despise the notion of a place called Grace. They insist that it defies human reason. Still, some in Lawville dream of living in Grace, but they have passports from bondage.

Lawville is a place where most people live. In Lawville, they try to create and govern their own civilization by laws and commandments, which are not bad, but impossible to keep.

All of the citizens of Lawville are lawbreakers. They like to think that they are not breaking the laws, but, in fact, they are flagrantly breaking the laws.

These lawbreakers do not think the laws apply to them, but like to condemn others for breaking the laws, and want to see others punished for their crimes.

Some in Lawville have heard of Grace and dream of, one day, escaping to this place.

Those seeking asylum to Grace are always granted immunity. Immigrants to Grace are accepted into Grace by a gracious act of grace.

Applicants seeking Grace do not have to meet any conditions to become a citizen. Inhabitants of Grace are not subjected to any background-history or credit checks.

Grace is an inclusive community.

Grace does not have a police department or courthouse, because Grace does not have any laws. All violations of grace are immediately subjected to more grace.

No condemnation, judgment or punishment will be allowed, because a verdict of grace has already been adjudicated.

Residents of Grace live in freedom, where everything is free. Employees of Grace work for free without any thought of compensation.

Benefits in Grace are freely given and freely received. All the partakers of Grace have everything in common, and share everything in common. It is not communism, because it is totally voluntary.

People of Grace live in a state of liberty, where everything is permissible. No requirements or restrictions are imposed on the inhabitants of Grace.

Living in Grace makes the people gracious to each other. No one living in Grace would deny grace by being ungracious.

It would be uncivil to be ingratiating. Grateful are those who live in Grace, and are covered by Grace's love. Grace is a gift of God.

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