Three arrested, two at-large in Jonesboro incidents

By Linda Looney-Bond


Two crime-related incidents occurred on Maddox Road, in Jonesboro, Wednesday night and Thursday morning. During one of them, police apprehended a man who was wanted in connection with a murder, and during the other, a suspect apparently helped another man escape from a police cruiser.

In the Thursday morning incident, two men were arrested after police responded to a report of a suspicious person, according to Officer India Smith, a spokesperson for the Clayton County Police Department.

"An officer responded to 7023 Lodgepole Drive, that's off of Maddox Road," Smith said. "When he got there, two suspects fled on foot. That's when he discovered a sliding glass door that had forced entry, and the chase was on," she said.

Orlando Tyrone Johnson was arrested and charged with criminal trespass and obstruction, according to Smith. Marcus Griffin was arrested and charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, altering an ID (serial number on a weapon), and obstruction.

Both men were transported to the Clayton County Jail. Smith said it turned out that Griffin was already wanted in connection with a murder. "He was ... wanted for questioning by our CID officers, regarding a homicide at Cobblestone Flats Apartments."

Smith said the murder occurred in early December, at the Morrow apartment complex, but she did not have additional information about the crime.

Meanwhile, two suspects were still being sought after one man apparently helped another escape from a Clayton County Police cruiser Wednesday night, according to Smith.

A Clayton officer spotted a car that was stopped in the middle of Maddox Road, in front of a house, according to Smith. "The driver didn't have a license, or it was suspended," she said. While the officer was standing on the driver's side of the car, the passenger jumped out of the car and fled, Smith said.

"So, he [the officer] gets the driver, detains him, and puts him in the back of the [police] car.

"Another guy runs out of the house, so they run to go get him. Then, when they get him, somebody comes from around the back of the house --which could have been the passenger that ran -- and opened the door to the cruiser, and let the driver who had been detained, out of the cruiser. And they both ran," Smith said.

"When they got the guy who ran out of the house, he smelled like marijuana. And then, they found suspected methamphetamine pills, marijuana, and a large amount of money on him," she said.

"Then, they did go and get a search warrant [for the house], and I understand they got a little more marijuana and some scales," Smith said.

The man who police said ran from the house, 29-year-old Travius Underwood, was arrested, according to Smith. He was charged with drug possession and obstruction, and transported to the Clayton County Jail.

Police did not release a description of the two men who were still at-large. Anyone with information in the case is asked to call Crime Stoppers at (404) 577-8477.