Corrective action needed on federal level - WILLIAM MITCHELL

To the editor:

In my almost 79 years of life, I have seen some history, and since retirement, have studied more history.

I have seen this great country intentionally dumb down our schools, ignore our history, and no longer teach our founding documents.

I would doubt that 10 percent of today's students have ever read the Constitution. I don't think our teachers, or politicians, for that matter, have ever read the Constitution. It is not a living document; it is a guide on how to run a country.

We do not teach the history of this country as to what our founding fathers went through to be a free nation.

Students, by and large, cannot write, think critically, read or articulate. Why aren't parents revolting when school boards continue to back mediocrity?

This country elected a man that few know anything about, except that he is a good speaker and he promised things like the government will take care of you. The government will give a job that you do not have to do anything, and pay you about twice as much as you are worth. The government will give you free health care, and on and on.

This man has never run a city as big as Lake City, or Wassaila, Alaska. His background was association with real radicals. Does it not scare you to hear the President talk about creating a mandatory civilian defense force stronger than our military, for use inside our borders? Talk about Brown Shirts.

True, Bush may go down as one of the worse presidents we have ever had, but Obama is pushing us deeper and deeper into debt. He is making the government bigger an bigger.

At some point, the people must realize that the answer is not the government, but each individual, pulling their own weight. But I fear that people have become so dependent on "free" stuff, that the country will never recover.

I can pray that I am wrong, but I do not think I am.

Every voter must rise up and dis-elect every federal politician in office. We've got a shot in 2010 at one third of the senators and all of the representatives. The federal government is corrupt and corrective action must be taken -- now.


Lake City