Church streams Sunday services online

By Johnny Jackson


Community Bible Church is expanding its ministries into cyberspace.

Through online technologies, the Stockbridge church has been able to reach out to hundreds of people around the world, according to Kenny Snow, who was named the church's online campus pastor in November 2009.

Snow leads production of the weekly, video web cast of the church's Sunday morning services. He said the videos stream live on the church's web site each Sunday morning. The one-hour services are also archived on the web site.

"We consider this a portal to our church," he said. "People who want to check out our church can go online. And people who are separated from us, geographically, can attend our church that way, also."

Snow said the 2,500-member church -- located at 2001 Jodeco Road in Stockbridge -- began streaming videos in May 2009, following five months of research and preparation.

"My job is to take care of the people who log on throughout the week," he said. "We do a lot of work during the week to keep things updated."

The church's "Web campus" site receives an average of 300 unique hits each Sunday, and more throughout the week, from users as far away as California and Italy, Snow said. There are also some local church members who view church services online, when they are unable to attend.

Snow said church members also have access to the web site's Sunday morning reflections -- "on-demand" videos in which the church's senior pastor, Beau Adams, and other pastors, reflect on and re-cap Sunday morning messages.

The site features sections for prayer requests, the pastor's blog, online donations, video submissions, a Sunday morning chatroom, and links to the church's various social networking pages.

Snow said the church is looking to do online broadcasts of other events, activities, and services held during the week.

"I would consider it a great success," he said. "I love what I do, and I love the opportunity to reach people in a new way."


On the net:

Community Bible Church: www.cbcwebcampus.com