Rap-music producer granted bond in slaying

Bond has been set at $200,000 for a rap-music producer known professionally as "Shawty Redd." He is accused of shooting a man to death.

Redd, also known as Demetrius Lee Stewart, 28, is charged with murder in the death of Damon A. Martin, 35, of Detroit, Mich.

Henry County police said Stewart killed Martin following an argument and fight at Stewart's home on Ballymeade Lane in the gated Crystal Lake community. Police said Martin lived with Stewart at the time of the killing.

Stewart admitted to shooting Martin in the back, Henry County Detective Wayne Bender testified in a packed courtroom during a bond hearing Tuesday. Bender's testimony revealed previously undisclosed details of the holiday shooting of a man wanted by federal authorities.

A total of three guns, and five shell casings, were found at the scene following the shooting, Bender testified. Stewart called 911 after the shooting occurred, the detective said.

Stewart's attorney defended the actions of her client. Marcia Fuller said police "rushed to judgment" in arresting the music producer.

"Mr. Stewart was attacked in his own home, and he was well within his rights to defend himself with force," said Fuller. "His acts are insulated by the law. It's in the Georgia Code that you can defend your home, yourself, and even property outside of your home, with deadly force, and not be prosecuted for it."

Stewart's manager, German Woodson, of Stockbridge, testified for the defense during the suspect's bond hearing. He said he has worked with Stewart for eight years, and said he was on the phone with the suspect prior to the shooting.

Woodson testified that Martin was at Stewart's home without permission, and had an "agitated" and "angry" tone, moments before Woodson heard shots fired in the background.

Henry County Assistant District Attorney Trea Pipkin said Stewart shot Martin with the intention of killing him. "We know that there were five shots fired," said Pipkin. "Two of those shots were shot while Mr. Martin was running out the door, leaving the room, leaving the altercation –– if there ever was one. The 911 call happened approximately 43 minutes after the victim was shot. That, in itself, should be enough to show the court that this was a malicious act."

Fuller told the judge that her client was not a flight risk, because he waited for police to arrive at the scene following the 911 call, and has made no effort to flee the jurisdiction.

"Everything that he has built is here," said Fuller. "He has no reason to leave. He has a lot to lose, if he did not show up for court."

When Superior Court Judge Brian Amero granted a bond for Stewart, shouts and applause erupted in the courtroom, drawing a stern warning from the judge. Amero ordered Stewart to wear an ankle monitor issued by the Henry County Sheriff's Office, and to remain in Henry County for the duration of his court proceedings in the case.

According to Detective Bender, Martin was wanted by federal authorities at the time of his death, for failure to appear in court on a gun-related charge.

The Grammy-nominated Stewart has worked, in the past, with rappers, including Young Jeezy and Snoop Dogg, according to The Associated Press. He has produced songs, including Snoop Dogg's "Sexual Seduction," and Young Jeezy's "Trap or Die" and "Air Forces."