Clayton Police respond to pair of home invasions

By Linda Looney-Bond


Clayton County Police are investigating two early morning home invasions that occurred Thursday on Commons Drive in Jonesboro.

In both instances, a black male, who concealed his face, held a victim at gunpoint and demanded that the victim give him a bank card, police said.

In the first incident, around 4 a.m., a man used forced to enter a back door of a home in the 300 block of Commons Drive, according to Officer Otis Willis, III, a spokesperson for the police department.

Willis said -- in a written statement -- that the man who lived in the home, Leonard McCurdy, described the intruder as a black male, wearing dark clothing, whose face was concealed with a dark-colored bandana.

"The perpetrator confronted Mr. McCurdy while armed with a silver-and-black, possibly .380 semi-automatic firearm," Willis said in the statement. "Mr. McCurdy was forced to his bedroom, where he was asked to relinquish his bank card."

Willis said the perpetrator, however, left the location without any of the victim's property.

In the second incident, about 20 minutes later, police responded to the home of Beverly Blizzard-Boothe, in the 200 block of Commons Drive, in "reference [to] a home alarm," according to a police incident report.

"I witnessed the back door to the home to have been kicked in," a police officer wrote in the incident report. "As myself and other county officers were clearing the home for any suspects, the victim, Ms. Blizzard-Boothe, started screaming from an upstairs bedroom."

Once the officer determined that the victim was not injured, he interviewed her, according to the report. "She [had] heard the unknown suspect kick the door in as she was getting up to go to work," the police report states. "The unknown suspect ran into her room and forced Ms. Blizzard-Boothe to the floor at gun point."

The suspect then demanded that Blizzard-Boothe give him the alarm code, police said.

"Ms. Blizzard-Boothe stated the unknown suspect told her, if the alarm code did not work, he would come back and 'pop her in the head,'" the police report states.

The victim remained on the floor until police arrived, according to the report. Blizzard-Boothe told police the only thing taken from the home was her Wachovia bank card. She described the suspect as a black male, wearing a black mask and gloves, holding a black gun, according to the incident report.

"It is possible that the two home invasions are linked to each other," Willis said. "The Clayton County Police Department asks that all citizens report suspicious persons, vehicles, and activity," he said.