The advantages of being a Christian - James C. Bell

I don't know about you, but as I grew up, I had no plan for my life.

I didn't know where I was going, or what I was going to do with my life. I think most young people today, and many adults, are in the same boat, just drifting along through life, thinking whatever happens, will happen.

I know most of the kids I went to school with were asking this question: As I finish high school, what am I going to do with my life? Some kids had parents who wanted them to go to college, and could afford to send them. But most were from poor families, who felt if they could just get their kids through high school, that would be the best they could do for them.

There are young people in colleges today who still don't know what they will do in life. These answers don't come easily. We all need guidance and counseling, we need someone to help us to make the right choices, someone we can rely on, someone we can trust.

I had some good friends and teachers to encourage me and help me find the right way to go, and to do the right things, but we all need more than that. And there is an answer, the right answer for each of us. We have a great and all powerful God, who loves us and wants us to be the very best we can be.

Before we were born, He loved us and had plans for us. He knew we could become loving and true friends to others in life. He knew what He wanted for each of us. He knew we had capabilities far beyond human expectations. In Jeremiah 29:11, God said, "For I know the plans I have for you, plans not to hurt you, plans to give you hope and a good future." What each of us must do is to find our way to God, for He loves us and wants to have a relationship with us.

With such a powerful and loving God, who wants us to have life and have it more abundantly, you have to wonder why everyone isn't a Christian. Why do so many people choose to ignore God and His Son, Jesus Christ, and refuse to become Christians?

He wants us to believe in Him and accept Jesus as our Savior, and when we do, we are saved -- saved from hell and death, and saved to life, and saved for doing good in our lives. After we are saved, God begins to teach us His ways by encouraging us to read and study His Holy Word, the Bible, and to talk with Him in prayer.

As we yield our lives to Him and become obedient to His teachings, an amazing thing happens. He reveals to us how we can work with Him to help others. He gives us a purpose in life and assures us we shall come to live with Him forever in Heaven. One of the things God loves in His people is their obedience to His ways and their dependence on Him.

He wants us to look to Him for the help we need in everyday life and not just for the big, seemingly impossible things. In my case, my belief that He would heal me of a deadly disease -- acute leukemia. He did, even when my doctors had said I would not live, He healed me!

There is so much He has done for me that I can't thank Him enough, or praise His Holy Name enough! He is the amazing, powerful and Holy God, and yet, he loves me and you, even though we have not done anything to deserve His love. What a great and awesome God we serve!

Praise His Holy Name!

So, is there any wonder that I ask this question -- Why isn't everyone a Christian? Our great God wants to give us, and all people, His wonderful gift of life! And this is not ordinary life as we know it, but eternal life, free from death, from disease, from sadness and heartache, a life filled with love and success in carrying out His great plan for each of us.

Those who belong to Him have a plan for their lives, a purpose for living and success in all they do for Him. How about you? Have you decided to give your life to Him?