Haiti –– The earthquake - Minister Milton Graves, III

To the editor:

We are a society of laws, creeds, edicts, and mandates. Civility is the reason why –– one would think –– where our laws are concerned. History has demonstrated that we are, indeed, governed by the letter of the law.

Was the earthquake in Haiti a curse for its inhabitants? Or was it –– is it –– a test for all of humanity? Remember: "... and the poor will always be with us." And we are told to "feed my sheep."

Will we, the rest of humanity, stand by once again and allow hundreds of innocent children, men and women to die from a simple blood infection, because of the letter of the law? I'm not speaking to all of us! I'm only speaking to everyone who has a mother. I'm speaking to those of us who have a father. I'm speaking to every female who has ever given birth. Also, I am speaking to every man who has ever cradled his newborn baby in his arms.

The law does have a spirit. It is time for all of humanity to cry out. It is time for all of us to open our eyes to see and embrace our commonality. To cleanse yourself of any doubt, simply ask: If I were covered in rubble; if I were thirsty; if I were hungry; if I were injured and about to die because of a minute infection, what would I want someone to do for me?

What's wrong with us? Why do we insist upon having short memories? Why do we vehemently refuse to listen, to study, and to learn from humanity's mistakes? Hitler did live! And before his death, he annihilated six million souls. More recently, hundreds of thousands of Rwandans were savagely murdered. And again, humanity stood still!

Remember the fighting dogs. Recall the hue and cry! As quickly as you can blink an eye, our lives can also be literally turned upside down. Needlessly, we stand by once again, while our Haitian brothers and sisters succumb to mankind's attention to the letter of the law.

We just can't seem to get it. Why do we, generation after generation, refuse to understand that they are we, and we are they? Let us change, now. Throwing food into a crowd of famished people is a recipe for carnage and chaos. More will die! Being humane is, indeed, divine.

Let us hold fast to the principles of our founding fathers. Our nation is blessed, and it will continue to be blessed as long as we continue to bless others. Let us let love have its way!

Minister Milton Graves, III