Why not use our own natural resources? - James Lee

To the editor:

Looks like the price of fuel (automotive and heating) is on the rise again. Here we are, living in the nation with the largest proven resources of oil, gas and coal in the world, and we are dependent on foreign countries for 70 percent of our energy.

Why don't we utilize our own natural resources? When we use oil from Nigeria or Canada, does that produce less carbon dioxide than our own oil? The answer is, of course not. But, it does cause a huge outflow of money, which explodes our trade imbalance, which adds to our status as the world's largest debtor nation. It also eliminates potential jobs in our country which could go a long way to helping us out of the current recession. This insanity has been going on since the 1980's. As a matter of fact, our 41st president, George H.W. Bush, signed the Executive Order banning all offshore drilling. That order had remained in effect until September of last year. Why?

The United States has the highest environmental standards in the world. Wouldn't it be preferable for us to produce our own energy, rather than have Third World countries with little or no environmental standards do it? Yes, we need to create renewable sources of energy that are friendlier to our environment, but until we are there, fossil fuels will have to be utilized, and it makes no sense not to use American resources.

Washington, it is long past time for you to begin serving the best interests of America. I would suggest that you start now, or you will be part of the nation's unacceptably high unemployment rate come this November.


Locust Grove