Ethics is government a joke - WILLIAM E. MITCHELL

To the editor:

I heard the new leader of the Georgia House being interviewed, and he was asked, "What are you going to do about the members who have not paid their state taxes?" Well, now it quickly became apparent that he was a lawyer. The speaker's answer was, "We are going to look into that."

This is politician-double-speak, for: "What is wrong with you? We ain't gong to do nothing to one of us."

His answer should have been something like, "Any person elected or appointed to any state position, who does not pay all of their taxes, in full, on time, will not be allowed to serve in the elected or appointed position during their lifetime."

Ethics in state and federal elections are a joke. There may be a few honest people in government, but that old dude with the latern is going to have to walk many a million miles to find one.

And then there are these people who attempt to sway the vote of a politician. Supposedly -- "No person shall give any elected or appointed official of the state government any thing of any value; this shall include, but is not limited to, money, food, drink, lodging, sexual favors or any other thing of value."

This shall not preclude individual citizens from contacting their elected officials, via mail, electrical means or telephone, to express an opinion on any subject.

It is hard for me to understand what the problem is with elected officials. Do they all become power mad after being elected?

I think that at the federal level the only important thing to any elected official is getting re-elected and gaining more and more power.

The entire federal government is corrupt. They must be dis-elected. I wonder if a man who does not lie, cheat, steal, smoke, drink or dip could be elected.


Lake City