Our national motto: 'In God We Trust' - James C. Bell

Faith in God has been the foundation of the United States since Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, which refers to the "creator" as the source of all our fundamental human rights, and in which the founders expressed their "firm reliance on the protection of divine providence."

The words, "In God We Trust," were adopted in law and have appeared on our coinage since 1865. The last piece of legislation Abraham Lincoln signed before his assassination authorized the use of "In God We Trust" on all our coins minted in the United States.

U.S. Rep. Randy Forbes, of Virginia, has authored the "In God We Trust" Resolution-(H.Con.Res.274), which reaffirms "In God We Trust" as our national motto, and urges that the motto be publicly displayed "in all public buildings, public schools, and other government institutions."

The words, "In God We Trust," appear over the entrance to the U.S. Senate Chamber and above the Speaker's rostrum in the U.S. House Chamber. If these words are good enough for the chambers of Congress, good enough for all our coins and all our currency, and good enough to serve as our national motto, they are good enough to appear on the walls of every classroom in America.

Please urge your representative to back, and vote for, this legislation.

The Christians of our great country must stand up and be counted as being in support of keeping our God and His principles and teachings, both in our classrooms, and in our government. We should seek out Christian men and women to serve as our leaders in local, state and national offices, and know the facts of their character and beliefs, before we support and vote for them.

After they are elected, we should continue to monitor what they vote for in government and how they live their lives. If our nation is to continue to exist and prosper, we must have men and women of integrity and courage to make laws and sponsor legislation that will lead our nation back to solid financial condition and restore the people's faith in our government and our leaders.

The founding fathers of this great nation were God-fearing men, who put the nation's good condition before theirs. Our leaders today, must do no less.

The electors, citizens today, must be involved in government, vigilant and in full support of their elected officials, not only to help guide their efforts, but to suggest ideas and possible solutions to problems, and to encourage new methods and provide inspiration to them.

We must be men and women of Christian character and integrity ourselves, and be sure to obey the law and insist that all others do so as well.

As Christians, we should know how to witness to our fellow man and to encourage them to become Christians themselves.

Jesus Christ taught us in His great commission to take his gospel to our nation and the world, and we should be actively involved in winning people to Christ.

If you are reading this and are not a Christian, please do not hesitate to learn for yourself how to become committed to the Lord of all, Jesus Christ. Go to church, take your family and ask the minister to help you. He will be delighted to do so.

I pray you will. Be strong in support of your country and "In God We Trust!"