Jonesboro man found dead near Southern Regional

By Curt Yeomans


Clayton County Police found the body of a 40-year-old, Jonesboro resident in a wooded area near Southern Regional Medical Center, in Riverdale, on Saturday, hours after he left the hospital against the advice of medical officials, according to a police spokesman.

Clayton County Police spokesman, Officer Otis Willis, III, said an official cause of death for Robert P. Georganakis had not been determined, but he added that "there were not any signs of foul play."

Willis and Southern Regional spokesman, Charlie Hayslett, said Georganakis was a patient at the hospital. Hayslett said federal regulations prevent him from releasing information about the nature of Georganakis' illness. Hayslett did release a written statement for the hospital, on Monday, however, which said Georganakis was "brought by ambulance to the Southern Regional Medical Center Emergency Department, at 1:10 a.m." on Saturday.

"He was quickly processed into a treatment area, where he was triaged and assessed by an emergency department nurse, and was waiting to be seen by an emergency physician," the statement reads. "He [Georganakis] repeatedly told the nurse he did not need to be at the hospital, and that he intended to leave," the statement continued. "The nurse urged him to wait to see a physician, and attempted repeatedly to discourage him from leaving."

According to the hospital's statement, Georganakis continued to "insist" that he was able to leave, and a nurse escorted him to a telephone at approximately 2:30 a.m., to call someone to pick him up.

"The patient then left the hospital of his own accord, before being seen by a physician, and being properly discharged," according to the hospital's statement.

Another Clayton County Police spokesman, Lt. Tina Daniel, said officers began looking for Georganakis after the police department was notified by Southern Regional officials that the patient was "missing" from the hospital.

Willis said officers found Georganakis' body, around noon on Saturday, in a shallow wooded area near the hospital, off Garden Walk Boulevard.

Georganakis' family could not be reached for comment, on Monday.