Driver ejected on Interstate 75, near exit 233

By Maria-Jose Subiria


A driver, trying to avoid hitting what is believed to have been a dog, lost control of her vehicle and was ejected from it, on Interstate 75 north, Tuesday, near exit 233, said Capt. Scott Olson, of the Morrow Police Department.

The female driver was transported to the intensive care unit of Atlanta Medical Center, in critical condition, said Olson. No other information about the driver was disclosed because her family members have not received notification of the incident, or of her condition, according to Olson.

The official police report of the accident is expected to be released on Wednesday, he said. According to Olson, because the driver was ejected from her vehicle, it appears that she was not wearing a seat belt.

The physical evidence, and eyewitness reports indicate that the accident, which took place around 8:12 a.m., only involved one vehicle, Olson said, during a telephone interview.

Evidence and reports further indicate the vehicle was initially traveling northbound, in the left lane of I-75, "at which time witnesses believe she swerved to avoid an animal, believed to be a dog, or parts of a dog," Olson said.

After the driver swerved, she allegedly lost control and proceeded to cross all of the four lanes to her right, said Olson. The vehicle struck a concrete construction barrier, which separated the interstate from the construction of an I-75 north entrance ramp, at Jonesboro Road, in Morrow.

"The vehicle slid along the median, an excess of approximately 100 feet, and at which time, the vehicle vaulted, or rolled over the median in the process ... The driver was ejected from the vehicle," explained Olson.

It is believed the driver ejected through the window, on the driver's side , he added.

All lanes near exit 233 were shut down for about 40 minutes, said Olson. This was necessary to gather evidence from the scene, speak to witnesses and clean up the area, he said.