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Having a.....Field Day; Elementary students treated to fun, games

Photo by Rebecca Long

Photo by Rebecca Long

By Michael Davis

They came. They saw. They kicked. They climbed.

Students in two Butts County elementary schools were treated to the annual rite of field day this week and last.

Originally scheduled to be held on the same day, Daughtry Elementary School's field day activities were moved to Monday because of downpours on Friday, while Stark Elementary's events were moved indoors.

Jackson Elementary's field day events were scheduled for May 14.

On the lawn in front of Daughtry on Monday, students kicked off their shoes, pulled the trigger on squirt guns, and tried to see who had the strongest grip in games of tug of war.

"It's a way where they can incorporate the skills they have learned in P.E. and still have some fun doing it," said Daughtry P.E. Teacher Scott Wiley.

Daughtry's 34 field day events included the "Shoe Kick" in which students kicked one shoe into the air and hopped on one foot to retrieve it, and the "Super Soaker Target" in which the goal was to knock over milk cartons with water guns.

"I think they look forward to it every year because they've worked so hard, academically, and it gives them a chance to show what they can do physically," said First-grade Teacher Denise Brooks.

Stark's field day events, held on Friday in the school's gym and lunchroom, included the limbo and sack race. Students also got to climb over an inflatable obstacle course and glide down a towering inflatable slide.

"You name it, we have it," Stark Principal Melinda Ellis said, while standing next to a popcorn machine and a device that shot stuffing into empty stuffed animals. "They're enjoying it, even though it's inside. This is the second year we've been in the building and the second year we've had field day inside.

"It's a fun day for students. [There's] limited instruction going on. It's a celebration because they've worked so hard, so we wanted to give them limited time off," Ellis added.

Jackson resident, Joyce Hightower, 76, has two grandchildren who attend Stark. On Friday, she volunteered to help with the school's field day activities, and found herself holding one end of a flexible foam pool noodle as students in Tracie Brannan's fourth-grade class did the limbo underneath.

"I enjoy this as much as the children do," Hightower said.