Clayton Schools' hierarchy reorganized for next year

By Curt Yeomans


Clayton County Public Schools is set to experience an administrative shakeup in less than a month, according to a new organizational chart that was drawn up by Superintendent Edmond Heatley, and posted on the school system's web site late last week.

Getting information out of the school system about the new organizational chart was a challenge on Wednesday, however. School District Spokesman Charles White deferred questions about it to the school system's leader. Several attempts to reach Heatley, however, were unsuccessful.

In any event, according to the new chart, the new structure is expected to go into effect on July 1, the first day of fiscal year 2011. Under the new plan, some changes in the higher levels of the district's administration -- previously rumored among district employees to be on the verge of happening -- seem set to become a reality.

Gone are one area assistant superintendent's position, the assistant superintendent of support services' position, and the special assistant to the superintendent's post. Previously, Area I Assistant Superintendent Derrick Manning and the Special Assistant to the Superintendent, Luvenia Jackson, had been rumored as having their positions cut in the new budget. Assistant Superintendent of Support Services, Valya Lee, has previously confirmed that her position was to be cut.

With the elimination of Lee's position, many of the departments she oversaw -- including Worktec, student services, and special education -- will now report to Chief Academic Officer Diana Carry.

Additionally, the three remaining area assistant superintendents -- whose positions will be renamed simply "area superintendents" -- will also be placed at the administrative level just below Heatley, as direct reports to him. They will gain newly created "area support" staffs as well, according to the new chart.

Those staffs will include an instructional implementation specialist, a data analyst, three math instructional facilitators, three English/Language Arts instructional facilitators, a special education coordinator, and two supervising health-care professionals.

Another previously rumored change, the elimination of one coordinator position in every academic area also appears to be true. Whereas, an organizational chart from last November shows Chief Academic Officer Carry overseeing an elementary coordinator and a secondary coordinator in language arts, mathematics, science, social studies -- she will now only oversee one coordinator in each subject, under the new plan.

Additionally, the assistant superintendent of teaching and learning, executive director of curriculum and instruction, and coordinator of media services, gifted learning and health and physical education positions have all disappeared under the new organizational chart.

The vacant executive director of professional learning position has also disappeared, according to the new organizational chart.

The chart also reveals that the chief financial officer position has been eliminated, which will not result in someone losing his or her job, however, as the post has been vacant since the spring of 2009. As a result of this move, finance-related departments will be placed under the control of the district's executive director of human resources.

The school system's student safety office, which is currently under the auspices of Valya Lee, will also report to the executive director of human resources, according to the chart.

The executive director of human resources will, in turn, now report to whoever fills the newly created "chief administrative officer" position.

Additionally, the district's research, evaluation and development department, whose responsibilities include breaking down and analyzing test data, does not seem to be included in the new organizational chart. This comes in spite of repeated assertions over the last year, from district officials -- including members of the Clayton County Board of Education -- that the district would become a "data-driven school system."

A new position for a director of a "data warehouse" for the district, has appeared on the new organizational chart. Whether the person in that position will be responsible for any of the duties of the research, evaluation and development department is not revealed in the organizational chart.