Racing is sport of choice for Plott brothers

By Derrick Mahone


When Kyle and Kason Plott got their first taste of racing at young ages, they became hooked. Kyle, who is now 14, climbed into his first racing car when he was six. Kason, 12, was five when he experienced racing for the first time.

The brothers quickly developed a love for the sport. Although Kyle has played other sports, racing is now his sport of choice. A vertebra injury forced Kyle out of football.

Now, the family pours a lot of time and money into the youngsters racing career.

"This is a good way to keep their mind occupied," Alan Plott said of his sons' racing hobby. "They have done baseball and football, but they really have taken to driving. I'll support them as long as they stick with it."

The elder Plott sponsors both cars through his business, KRS Contractors, a Kennesaw-based fire restoration company. Last season, Kyle won 13 championships while Kason was a six-time champion.

Both participated in the opening races of Thursday Thunder at Atlanta Motor Speedway Thursday. The family, which includes mother, Donna, made the trek from their Marietta home for the weekly summer racing series.

Kason, who is nicknamed "Tater Tot", won the pole in the Young Lions division, but an introverted start placed him in the back of the pack during the featured race. He placed eight overall after racing most of the race in the seventh spot.

Kason was using his brother's backup car Thursday after breaking a cam in his primary car last weekend in Mobile. He placed ninth out of 28 racers in Mobile. At AMS, he was hoping for a top 5 finish.

"We made some adjustments after qualifying," Kason said. "I had a spin out during the race. I was not as comfortable in this car. I'm looking forward to getting my main car back. It was kind of hard to see over the dashboard."He said he was disappointed that an introverted start was used.

"I felt good after winning in the pole, but was disappointed in the start," Kason said. "I'll be back next week. This was my first race in the legend division. I'll be ready next week with my car."

Kyle finished seventh in his pro's division featured race.

It was a good night for McDonough native Alex Coffey, who his first Thursday Thunder race in 30 starts. The 12-year-old won the Bandits division.

Prior to Thursday's win, Coffey's best finish was third last season during Week 9 of the season. He has had four fourth place finishes during his four-year racing career at AMS.