Fees on automobile tags revised

By Diane Glidewell


The recently passed Georgia House Bill 1055 raised fees for a number of permits and services provided by government agencies. The bill impacts fees charged by the Probate Court, Sheriff's Office, Magistrate Court, and Tax Office among others.

One place where the increased fees immediately began affecting a wide segment of the Butts County population is the Tag Office, where fees on new specialty automobile tags were implemented on May 25. The fee for a standard tag is still $20, but the fee for all special license plates is now $35 in addition to the $20 fee.

The old fees will be honored on pre-bills which were mailed to automobile owners with May and June birthdays for renewal. The new fees will be shown on all pre-bills due after July 1.

The $35 additional fee will now be charged each year upon renewal of special tags, such as the wildlife tag, rather than as a one-time charge as it was previously levied. The hobby antique tag, which previously carried the same fee as a standard tag, is now also considered a specialty tag. Revenue sharing tags, such as the breast cancer tag, now also carry the same additional $35 fee.

"I want people to be aware of the new fees and to understand they come from the State," said Butts County Tax Commissioner Nancy Washington.

Automobile owners do have the option of turning in their specialty tag and purchasing a regular tag instead.