Search ongoing for Ellenwood teenager

By Jason A. Smith


The grandmother of a teenage runaway is pleading for her granddaughter, who left more than three months ago, to return home.

"I'm not mad at her, but I just want her to come home, so we can see what the problem is, and fix it," said Valencia Hill, 52, of Ellenwood.

Her granddaughter, 15-year-old Anastasia Hill, reportedly ran away from home March 5.

Valencia Hill lives with Anastasia, the teen's mother, and two younger siblings. Hill's grandmother said she last saw her granddaughter two days before Anastasia's 15th birthday. Grandmother Hill said when she went to Anastasia's room to check on her, the teen's bedroom window was open.

Anastasia, a student at Stockbridge High School, left her clothes and toiletries behind, taking only an iPOD, which was given to her as a Christmas gift, her grandmother said.

Valencia Hill believes a set of rules imposed on the child by her mother five months before the child went missing, may have been a factor in the youngster's decision to leave home.

"She wasn't doing well in school, and had started failing classes, and skipping school," the grandmother continued. Valencia Hill said her granddaughter's departure has been emotional for her, adding that she is concerned for the teen's safety.

"I'm not eating right, I'm not sleeping right," she said. "She's constantly on my mind, because I don't know what kind of environment she's in."

Henry County Police are asking for the public's help in locating Anastasia Hill, according to Police Capt. Jason Bolton. "Detectives have exhausted all leads in regards to her whereabouts," Bolton said. "Witnesses have reported seeing Hill in the area of Fulton Industrial Boulevard in Atlanta. She may also be in the College Park area."

No additional details in the case were available Tuesday. Anyone with information on Hill's whereabouts, is asked to contact Henry Police Detective Brian Chevres, at (770) 288-8256.