Butts Co. Magistrate Court Report: May 25-31

Chief Magistrate Gigi Leverette Hoard reports the following individuals were brought before the Butts County Magistrate Court for First Appearance Bond Hearings during the period of May 25 to May 31:

Clint Walter Staples on charges of Fishing Without a License, Giving a False Name and Obstruction of an Officer.

Donna Price on charges of Disorderly Conduct and Terroristic Threats.

James Holland on charges of Simple Assault.

Ryan Alexander on charges of Loitering or Prowling and Obstruction/Hindering Law Enforcement.

Paula D. Carlisle on charges of Simple Battery.

Andrew Paul Hodgins on charges of Obstruction of an Officer, Reckless Driving, Driving Under the Influence and Open Container of Alcohol.

March Tyler Rommelman on charges of Possession of Schedule IV Drugs Not in Original Container, Failure to Maintain Lane, Striking a Fixed Object and Failure to Report an Accident.

Don Pattison on charges of Simple Battery Domestic Violence.

Octavia J. Stewart on charges of Giving a False Name/Date of Birth, Following Too Close, Suspended License and Driving Under the Influence.

Bond was granted in seven cases and denied in one case. Judges presided over 13 civil hearings. Judges issued nine arrest warrants. The Court Clerk filed nine civil suits and one civilian warrant application.