McDonough Municipal Court to get security cameras

By Valerie Baldowski


Probation officers working at McDonough Municipal Court soon will have an added measure of security.

The McDonough City Council has authorized the purchase of pan-and-zoom video cameras, with recording capability, for the probation offices at the court. The council gave its approval during a recent meeting.

The cameras will be purchased from ADT Security Services, Inc., at a cost of $4,828. The money will be drawn from the city's contingency fund, McDonough Police Chief Preston Dorsey said.

The cameras are expected to be installed by mid-July, the chief said.

The security cameras are being installed as a deterrent against theft by parolees, and are expected to provide extra protection for employees, City Administrator Billy Beckett said, when the issue was discussed during a council workshop on June 3.

"Basically, the way the court office is configured, with the probation officers in the back, down that hallway, they can't see out," Beckett said. "You should know we have some not-so-nice people that visit, from time to time. One of the concerns, among many, is the security of that building. This would address that."

The cameras also provide an extra level of security for probation office employees, said Dorsey.

"They'll be able to look out and see, and monitor activity outside their doorway, so they know who they're dealing with, they know what's going on in their office, and outside their office," added Beckett.